Saturday, December 3, 2016

First Week Of Practice 2016-2017!!!!!!!


Distance guys get ready for a run

Sprinters get it going

Medicine ball work

Austin spontaneously gets an urge to jump in the ocean

Mission accomplished

Montana winds up in an effort to do a backflip

Defying gravity

Flynn with a festive project. Alicia looks on

It's good to have friends with tractors.  Curtis hauls a few hurdles down to the track in style

Monday, January 18, 2016

Narragansett Track Finishes The Dual Meet Season

Montana at the Pole Vault clinic

                                                       Kenna has also taken and interest in the event.

It's been a while since Narragansett has competed in the Pole Vault.  The future looks bright for our to sophomores in this event.
                      Who said practice isn't fun?

                                                       Emily competes at the URI Invitational in the 1600 meters.

                          Sean created the Milennium Falcon.  Here it is on the trainer's table at URI.

                             Here we see Kieran and Gabe at the football exhibit at The Roger Williams Zoo.

Mike poses for a picture with some former team members and Mariner greats on break from college.
                                                 Members of the current boys team gather in the new gym.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

As Fall Turns Into Winter Gansett Gets Heated Up

The injury fund 4x200 relay.  Montana, Gabe, Captain Mike, and Matt.

Jake, Coach Amelia, and Matt are ready for the meet

                                            Kenna gets the girls started in the 4x200 relay

Grace had the third leg

Grace out of the blocks in the hurdles

Molly is going so fast she blurred the picture

Molly cruising around the track

Kenna at the start of her 300

The guys at their first dual meet.  Austin has a fast time in the 300.

Flynn in the 3000 meter race

                                                Curtis in the 4x400 meter relay
                                   Flynn had a busy day see her in his second distance race

Jake in the 4x200 relay

Christian about to start his approach in the long jump

Montana about to start his approach in the long jump
The Narragansett Indoor Track Team took a time out to do some climbing at the local Rock Spot Climbing Gym.  Here we see Matt who looks like he has a knack for climbing.
Grace and Jake climb the big wall

Team Captain Mike and Kegan making the 40' climb to the ceiling


Kenna climbed all the way up several times

Liam is also a seasoned climber seen here in the boulder area

Curtis in his first ever climbing experience makes an impression 

Austin showing off his skills

Molly making her way up

Matt got up this wall in less than 30 seconds

We have two Matt's on the team who are fairly new to climbing but both seem to have found they have a skill for it.  

Time for some team building

Molly, Coach Amelia, Jake, and Grace

Even the coaches got in on the action

Go Amelia!!!
We couldn't let the kids have all of the fun!

The old guy makes his way up